Post its, every color, every shape.  Capturing thoughts, reminders, chores, shopping lists.  Dotting the kitchen, the car, the bedroom…what do people do if they can’t tape up reminders around the house?

Ah, the magic of a Sharpie.  A rainbow of colors, visible from across the room, capable of labeling anything from file folders to mason jars.  God bless the Sharpie.

Dogs sleeping in yoga positions.  Yes, this is an actual thing – Phoebe can sleep on her back, legs stretched out in four different directions, neck twisted at an unnatural angle, all the while snoring away.  Nothing’s gonna make you smile faster than that.

Amazon Echo.  That’s right, we’ve been bit by the Alexa bug, and I love this thing.  It tells me the news when I ask.  It plays music for me, tells me the weather, and will even play Jeopardy if I’m in the mood to feel trivia-dense.  Alexa will even set alarms and reminders for me which is super handy when my hands are wrist deep in dinner and I can’t write a post in note.

Gracias, grazie, danke.