embracing the warped world of parenthood

“Kids make you insane.”  Truer words were never spoken.

Normal people can drink out of cups, but we can’t. If we have a glass of some beverage, and we leave that beverage unattended for even fifteen seconds, then that beverage will end up spilled on the couch, the carpet, the dog, or possibly the ceiling. The fact that we have cats plays in here, too, because our cats cannot abide an upright glass. So instead we drink out of bottles with lids, all the time, until the kids are asleep.”

Toddler Life, Chapter 419: We Have Lost Normality | Accidentally Inspired

6 thoughts on “embracing the warped world of parenthood

  1. I was saying this last night and feel your pain. We have been drinking out of covered cups with straws for the past 3 years. It seems to be getting better but unless i want to have a mop attached to me permanently its a drinking cup with straw or one with a lid. They are getting so smart now that they figure out that they can still cause a spill with the straw so we stay away from that too. Good luck. 🙂

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