When we were designing the new bathroom layout – from scratch, mind you, because our house was eating itself alive as it released mold into the air – they asked if we wanted heated tiles in the floor. Heated tiles. Hmmmm…

I won’t lie, I thought about it for a minute before landing on the side of rational cost/benefit analysis. You know, like a grownup. I like cozy feet as much as the next girl, but was I willing to pay cash money for that luxury straight out of the shower? Not really.

But that’s not to say I don’t love having warm tootsies during the winter. Shoot. When the weather’s frigid just getting from my bed to the bathroom barefoot is an Olympic sport in our house.

announcer 1:  Well, Steve, it looks like Laura’s off to a solid start. She launched two feet out of bed for a good takeoff and is staying on her toes. She’ll earn points for keeping those heels off the cold wood floor and –

announcer 2:  Oh! She missed the turn! Hitting that armchair is gonna cost her.

announcer 1:  And why is that clothes basket blocking her path? It’ll take a miracle for her to get by – [crash] – that.

Other than those middle of the night pee runs and first thing in the morning, though, I pretty much spend the winter months with my tootsies firmly encased in socks and slippers. Seriously, I am all about the slippers. But with socks. Because without socks my feet just feel sort of…wrong. Definitely socks. But not without the slippers.

Holy cow, are you sick of hearing about socks and slippers yet? Yeah. I’m ready for spring, too.