“So far so good.” It’s kind of a waffle phrase, if you know what I mean.

A bit like well, things seem to be going well, so far You can almost hear the suspenseful music running in the background. You know the kind – the music that tiptoes in and swells during a movie right before the shark swoops in and snatches away the pretty blond girl who went for help and is just trying to get back in the blessed cage, for heaven’s sake!

Thanks for that viewing of 47 Meters Down, Bear. There’s a reason I never watched Jaws.

When I ask someone how it’s going and they answer, “So far so good” it always makes me wonder – do they know something I don’t know? Are they anticipating a massive computer crash or know we’re in for a gas shortage? And why doesn’t anyone ever say, “So far so bad”?

I mean, it’s not like that’s never happened.

“So far so good” seems like a useful way to hedge your bets, just in case you have to come back later with a “wow, that was a colossal cluster f*ck.” (That’s not just me, right?) But I guess like last week’s “I’m fine” it’s one of those coping mechanisms that comes in pretty handy.

Welcome to the weekly stream of consciousness post from Linda’s blog. This week’s prompt is “so far.”