Some loves never die. Ever.

Mr. Snuffleupagus

Who doesn’t love this enormous, shuffling, furry cross between an elephant and an anteater? Sure, lots of folks think Big Bird when they think of Sesame Street, but me? I think of Mr. Snuffleupagus lumbering slowly across the screen.

Pixy Stix

The rush of pure sugar combined with the abandon of dumping that adrenaline spike straight down your throat.

Fortune Tellers

Once upon a time I actually knew how to fold these favorites of the upper elementary crowd. They had all the elements of a good time: giggling with friends, a surprise, and the chance to hone my writing skills for the ultimate reveal. “You will meet the love of your life at the skating rink this week.” Oooooh, Becky…


Yes, we had to stretch the cord to find any sort of privacy, but landlines also meant freedom when we left the house to play with our friends. Plus having an actual person say you weren’t home was way more believable than sending calls straight to voicemail.

Charlie’s Angels

Beautiful. Funny. Smart. Strong. What wasn’t to love about the Angels? Sure, they took orders from a speakerphone, but they kicked ass doing it.

Love’s Baby Soft

Ah, yes…the days of wandering around swaddled in the soft smell of baby powder. Because nothing says I’m grown like being a walking advertisement for Johnson & Johnson.


No, not Simon Says, it seems I was a little too high strung to enjoy that particular game. But Simon? That memory game with the tones and flashing lights? I loved that thing.

Silly Putty

YAWP! Silly Putty was the BOMB!!

Krazy Straws

So I know people are all yawn…what’s the big deal about a curly straw, but you have to think about what things were like in the day of the dinosaurs bellbottoms. Straws were straight. Boring. Bendy straws were as wild as it got, and then the Krazy Straw came along. Sucking Kool Aid up those windy, turny, bendy loops was big fun. (Hey, it was the ’70s. We were easily amused.)

Schoolhouse Rock!

Listen, I don’t mean to dis the public school system of my youth, but Schoolhouse Rock! made learning funInterplanet JanetI’m Just a BillConjunction Junction – I can still hear them today. “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?” I’m sitting here jamming on the couch just thinking about it.