gratitude: dancing crows and other unexpected joys

**  Abbreviated business trips.  Yes, yes, I am woman, hear me roar, we got this. But when BrightSide’s away things get a bit…hinky. The kids miss him in that wistful “I miss dad” sort of way that’s hard to ease. I miss him. The dogs miss him. Gracie and Phoebe ran to the front door a dozen times Monday night, anxious to see if that noise they heard was BrightSide’s car in the driveway. Three days is long enough, thank you very much.

**  Options.  There’s nothing worse than feeling like there are no options. Sometimes, when I’m down in the weeds and swirling around in all the feels, it seems like we’re blocked in. Thankfully, that’s not usually the case, and I know how blessed we are to have options.

**  The dancing crow.  It seems like Bear’s always saying, “Did you see that?!” when we’re driving somewhere and I have to say, “No, sweetness, I was watching the road.” Well, I was driving the kids to school yesterday morning when the two of us burst out laughing. A crow was in a driveway and it was – I swear I’m not making this up – dancing. Guess he felt someone needed a good CAW CAW CAW but didn’t want to stop walking, so it ended up looking like some sort of head jive. Plus it was in time to the radio. Bwahahaha!!

**  Variety.  At any given moment you might find me listening to NPR, the daily flash briefing, classical music, alternative music, CNN, or Amazon stations featuring Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and about a zillion other artists. Variety is a lifesaver for a girl who wants to bang her head on the steering wheel after 45 minutes of Top Forty radio.

**  My phone’s calculator app.  I can’t count the number of ways this thing has come in handy. Fast checks for three different math problems, cost breakdown per unit, even figuring out how old somebody is when I’m completely brain dead and mental math is out of the question – a quick swipe up and that calculator’s at my fingertips. Ahhh…

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