Wednesday was the one month anniversary of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, and students around the country made sure we were talking about it. But not in a “[sniff, sniff] I can’t believe it’s been a month” sort of way.

If there’s one thing these kids don’t want it’s more sniffles as we bemoan the state of society. They’re looking for us to put away our tissues and get to work.

Whether you agreed with the student walkout or not, one thing’s for sure…regardless of your stance on gun violence, second amendment rights, rallies, arming teachers, or youth-led revolution, you were talking about it on Wednesday. It’s hard to ignore thousands of students marching in the streets.

Which is a good first step.

My kids were decidedly underwhelmed by their middle school’s decision to encourage the Walk Up movement instead of supporting a walk out. Their administration challenged them to walk up to 14 students and 3 adults on Wednesday in the interest of fostering a friendlier school environment. Bear was not impressed. Frankly, neither am I.

Our county’s high schools really showed up, though, especially considering we live in a rural and conservative area. More than two thousand local students walked out on Wednesday, standing in solidarity with their peers across the country. Standing up for change. The sight of all those young people claiming their power warmed my heart and gave me hope that this time, this time, adults will finally make a change. I won’t go down in the weeds about what that change needs to be, but surely we can all agree that what we’ve got now isn’t working. It’s time to try something different.