Green. Green. Green green green green green.

“Yellow and blue make green.” To this day, this is how I remember combining primary colors to make green.

Looking green around the gills. A description that’s been used for me way too many times in my life.

Green means go. So why are you still sitting there fixing your mascara? Come on!

“It’s not easy being green.” Okay, Kermit, if you say so. But being a muppet looks like a pretty good gig so I’m not really sure what this is supposed to mean.

The superpower of green vegetables. Popeye and his spinach. Parents and their…well, everything, as in “you need to eat more green vegetables.” We put a lot of stock in the restorative powers of green vegetables.

Having a green thumb. There was a time when I took this one literally. Then I realized it was a desirable trait. Especially for the plants in my house. They’re probably holding late night meetings to figure out how to turn my thumb green. Or oust me.


Listen, this one’s probably pretty scattered, I’m kind of brain dead today. Bear’s fighting off something and considering we both, you know, breathe…well, the odds are pretty good I’ll be hitting the sack early tonight. Have a good weekend, everyone.

We play with Linda’s stream of consciousness group on Saturdays. This week’s prompt is “green.”