I was busy enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon nap when Bear crashed through the front door calling out, “Dad said to get you right now! And to tell you to bring your phone!” What?! I bolted to my feet, sleep still thick behind my eyes, wondering what could possibly be happening outside. Had there been an accident? Was something going on with T-man? Did something happen to BrightSide??

I jammed my feet into the wrong shoes, stumbled back out of them, and fell into a chair to gather my wits. Somehow I made it outside where I found BrightSide and Bear staring down at a mulch bed. Then my husband of almost 23 years asked me pretty much the last thing I expected: “How do you save a baby bunny?”

Wait, what?

It seemed a mama bunny had chosen one of our bushes to shelter her babies. Unfortunately, she chose a bush that had died, so when BrightSide pulled it up yesterday he dislodged the nest. Suddenly there were four teeny tiny squirmy babies rolling around in the dirt, and I guess he figured bunny rescue would be right up my alley. Sweet.