1.  Friday brought an early morning walk-in clinic visit with Bear. My own sick kid? Check. One sick kid hacking up a lung? Check check. A miserable looking sick kid waiting for a flu test? Holy Crap, don’t breathe.

2.  I was inspired to make the trip into town productive, so we headed to my favorite car wash. I inched down the street wondering if I’d lost my mind – I could have SWORN it was right here, the entrance is right after McDonald’s, this is supposed to be the driveway [turns in] but why does it say AutoBell, why is there a construction crew and why is that girl in the red shirt waving me off…Not my finest moment.

3.  Spent the afternoon convincing myself I hadn’t caught whatever knocked Bear off her feet on Thursday night.

4.  Accepted the inevitable at 5:00pm. Crashed and burned. Mightily.

5.  Woke up in time to catch Virginia’s Historic NCAA Tournament Game and enjoyed experiencing the 7 Stages of WTF Just Happened?

  • shock (wait, what?)
  • deep shock (but…it’s a 16 seed team…they said this doesn’t happen)
  • denial (for real. this isn’t happening)
  • bargaining (okay, Virginia, if you just pull it together for the next ten minutes…)
  • fleeting hope (all right, Wahoos, keep it going)
  • despair (all is for naught, nothing is right with the world, and Virginia has broken my heart)
  • acceptance (I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore)

6.  Spent Saturday in a rolling rotation of I feel like death/It’s not that bad/Gee, I’m kind of hungry/Why doesn’t someone stroke my hair.

7.  Fumbled my way into baby bunny rescue on Saturday afternoon. Seriously. This much cuteness should be illegal.

8.  Stood watch – well, sat watch – over our re-nested bunnies for an hour as the first grade neighbor vibrated with excitement “because if it pops its head up over here I’m gonna scoop him up and gently put him in this bowl -” [squeal, squeal, squeal] “I can’t wait!!”

9.  Saturday’s joy led to Sunday’s sorrow. Where have my baby bunnies gone? And don’t tell me that it’s Nature. Not in my front yard, it’s not.

10.  Rocking those two to three hour stints of well-being. Shower, dress, church, restock children’s bags – and I’m out. Bake coconut bread, mark four reading responses – and I’m out. Youth group, set up FaceTime, empty dishwasher, help with s’mores (seriously?!)…this day will never end.