They’re handy for casual days. Walking the dog. Running to the store. Picking up the kids after school.

I slip them on to grab the mail, take out the trash, or fill the bird feeder. My sneakers have been all over town, across the country, even around the world.

And on Saturday these sneakers will follow nine Greensboro students on a march for safer schools.

I stand with the students who say enough is enough. The ones who don’t want to be scared to walk into their school every morning, who believe their lives are more important than the availability of bump stocks and semi-automatic rifles. Students who are tired of reading about yet another shooting then watching one more vigil for innocent lives cut short.

I stand with the students who are angry as hell. The ones who blame adults for sweeping this problem under the rug for years. The ones who scream that we’ve failed to protect them. I stand with the students who are rising up to create change because they realize we won’t do it for them.

I see them. I hear them. And I stand with them.