RFTM passed a triumvirate (ooo, SAT word) milestone on Saturday. Three years of blood, sweat, and tears – not necessarily in that order – have gone into crafting the blog you see before you. Plus a lot of coffee. And, not coincidentally, bathroom breaks.

I look back at my Very First Post and think yeah, that cosmic kick in the butt sure changed my life. In a good way, yes, along with a healthy learning curve.

Just like the rest of life.


Lessons culled from 3 years of college:

  • Know Thyself. 8:00am classes are not your friend if you’re a night owl.
  • Just because you’re offered a credit card application when you walk on campus doesn’t mean it’s a great idea. Much like the bottomless cereal bar in the cafe, sometimes not getting the bowl to begin with is your best bet.
  • Time. Management. ‘Nuff said.


Lessons culled from 3 years in the workforce:

  • No one loves going to work every single day. Just put on your big girl panties and get in the car.
  • Respect the communal fridge.
  • Your bestie wants to hear all about those Friday night exploits. The guy in the next cubicle? Probably not. Boundaries.


Lessons culled from 3 years of marriage:

  • Go ahead and buy the extra box of angel hair. It won’t go to waste.
  • Schedule. Confirm. Remind. Repeat.
  • Ask for what you need. Unless you’re actually married to a clairvoyant.


Lessons culled from 3 years of parenting:

  • Say what you mean, mean what you say.
  • Hugs. Lots of hugs. Lots and lots and lots of hugs.
  • Parent Time Outs are not just necessary, they will save yo ass. For real.


Lessons culled from 3 years of blogging:

  • Write every day. No, a grocery list doesn’t count.
  • Read every day. No, it won’t always be from the great American novel. Do what you can do.
  • Grant yourself grace.