1. Bear and I were chugging right along, leaving a store after far too many minutes spent discussing appropriate heel height. Cue an abrupt halt as I push the door handle and nothing happens. Push again. Still nothing. But along comes Bear, ever helpful: PULL, mom. Geez.

2. Sauté tofu. Put pan in 350° oven for 15 minutes. Peel and chop carrots, rinse broccoli, return pan to stovetop, chop broccoli, whisk sauce, move pan to back burner without a pot holder – SON OF A B*TCH!

3.  Google pan handle oven mitts.

4. So it turns out gray eyebrow hairs are a thing. In real life. Will the wonders of middle age never cease.

5. I’m officially “that crazy dog lady” in public. Because it takes a certain sort of special to get on the floor of a hotel lobby to love on a stranger’s dog. In my defense it was a golden retriever/yellow lab five month old puppy, but who am I kidding – show me a dog, out comes my inner cuddle and a complete lack of inhibition.