Linda’s prompt this week is passive aggressive.

No, seriously. I am not making this sh*t up. I’ll give my buddies a moment to collect themselves before moving things along………………………………………


I spent years – YEARS – perfecting the art of being passive aggressive. Honestly, if they offered advanced degrees in this particular skill I would have qualified with a masters, maybe even a doctorate.

Oh yeah. I knew how to cut somebody with a sideways approach without breaking a sweat. What’s ironic is how bat shit crazy I get now when someone pulls that passive aggressive nonsense on me.

So my Work tells me that we hate in others what we hate in ourselves, and that rings pretty true. I do hate when P/A instincts rear their ugly head. I’m also told stuff that triggers us is because of unresolved issues. I’ll have to give that one a bit more thought. Perhaps when I’m not running on four hours of sleep and two Columbian coffees.

As for now? I’d like to create a new definition. One that’s more applicable for…well…me.

Passive – the ability to sit with myself, through pain, through pleasure, through mind numbing boredom

Aggressive – the ability to advocate for myself, for the ones I love, for the world at large

There we go. Now being passive aggressive sounds like a perfectly laudable goal.

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