Yep, still can’t find my baggie of questions and still too stubborn to rewrite them. Everybody got to ask their own question in our “lightning round” 5 from my Tribe.

5 from my Tribe

me: What’s your favorite color car?

  • T-man: green
  • BrightSide: white
  • Bear: white
  • me: red

T-man: What was your favorite part of Hawaii?

  • T-man: Swimming in the pool.
  • BrightSide: Driving to the other side of the island.
  • Bear: I got very tan.
  • me: Warm sunshine.

BrightSide: If you could have any car within reason when you get your driver’s license, what would it be?

  • T-man: Dodge Challenger
  • Bear: Jeep

BrightSide: Now, for you…dream retirement car.

  • BrightSide: An electric SUV when it’s made.
  • me: Another fun convertible.

Bear: Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or be surrounded by annoying people?

  • me: Alone.
  • T-man: Alone.
  • BrightSide: Alone.
  • Bear: Annoying people.

BrightSide’s bonus question: If you could travel to anyplace on the earth, where would you go?

  • Bear: Australia!
  • T-man: I don’t even know. I would go to…the set of Star Wars. No! I’d go to Abu Dabi.
  • BrightSide: African safari.
  • me: Bali.
  • Bear: I really want to go to Paris, too. Paris and Australia.