“The world can feel overwhelming sometimes, amirite? Our newsfeeds are flooded with articles about the toxic political environment. The nightly news is a doomsday damage report, and just one look at the images from places like Syria and Afghanistan make me want to curl up in the fetal position and sob. The problems are so big that it sometimes feels pointless to even try.

But as much as we might want to shut our eyes and turn away from it all, we know that isn’t the answer either. Even though we can’t fix everything, we can always do something.”

Not Everyone Can Be A Foster Parent, But Everyone Can Help Support Children In Foster Care: Scary Mommy


“Hair.  It’s a BIG topic in the transracial adoption community.  And for good reason.

Trying to find the perfect hair products is overwhelming and expensive.  Not to mention, confusing! And for a family likes ours where we have four kids (and four different hair types, lengths, and style preferences), it can get pretty complicated!   

However, we have a good routine in place for each child, including the products we use.  And if you follow me on Insta, I post new hairstyles often!”

5 Hair Products This Multiracial Family Can’t Live Without, and How We Choose What We Buy: White Sugar, Brown Sugar


“Carl has been de-compensating for awhile. I haven’t given this a voice on paper. I’ve pushed it away so far in my mind that it never came out in my typing. The unwritten truth was Carl’s deteriorating condition. His old fears and trauma triggers came back with a vengeance. Like Jack’s giant beanstalk, they have grown until I can no longer see where they end. I can no longer reach the solutions. I can no longer reach Carl to pull him down from the height of his fears.”

When it Was Unwritten: Herding Chickens and Other Adventures in Foster and Adoptive Care


“Parents, we have almost made it through another year of school! Nightly fights over homework. Almost done. School projects completed, even if thrown together the night before. Or 3 days late. And by you only. Too many lunches packed to count. Admittedly, getting less nutritious as the days click away. We’re hitting the home stretch. But with this excitement of spring comes a small amount of stress, because spring season brings…IEP reviews!”

5 Important Tools To Carry Into An IEP Review Meeting.: Confessions of an Adoptive Parent


“I often hear, on a weekly basis, that my wife and I are saints for caring for children in need and opening up our homes and hearts to kids in foster care. In no way, and in no fashion, am I a saint, and I believe that foster parents from all over would echo that sentiment. We are not saints. We become tired, worn down, and exhausted. We have our own frustrations and disappointments. There are times when we succeed, and there are times when we experience failures. We are not the perfect parents. We are simply trying our best to provide a home and family for a child who needs one and help a child in need.”

It’s OK to Say “It’s Hard”: Foster Focus