1.  Friday night we joined a theater full of people to see Avengers: Infinity War and it.was.AWESOME. And that’s all I’ll say about that because spoilers.

2.  Shout out to all the folks who’ve seen this movie and stopped talking after “it was awesome.”

3.  And a big F.U. to the middle school kids who got some kind of power high off ruining major plot points for T-man. (Who, I’ll note, kept said plot points to himself because he has a strong survival instinct.)

4.  Not for nothing, but I haven’t exactly been an avid follower of the Marvel comic storyline and I still had a rollicking good time. So don’t let that deter you from getting your popcorn on.

5.  Saturday brought another basketball tournament (2nd place! woo hoo!) and I’m gonna own it – this week I win the prize for dumbest comment from the bleachers. “You are gonna have to Get That Ball!” Apparently crazy travel basketball parenting is contagious. Bless.

6.  There was a track meet going on at the same high school where the kids played. I couldn’t understand why there were all these people pulling wagons full of stuff through the parking lot, then BrightSide and I meandered over to take a peek at the field and holy cow. Tent City.

7.  I decided then and there…getting up at 6am on a Saturday isn’t exactly my idea of a good time, but at least Bear didn’t join a sport that requires coolers, tent pitching skills, and gallons of sunscreen.

8.  I was fighting a rip roaring headache that day. I’ve had one all week, but it kicked into high gear on Saturday. Just in time for a five hour stint in a small, overheated, echoey gym punctuated by piercing whistles and eardrum splitting buzzers. Sometimes you just gotta power through. Also, sometimes you just gotta crawl in bed for a few hours once you finally get home.

9.  Which brings us to Sunday. I always feel like I should get so much more done than I do, but on Sundays everything seems to move slower. Mostly me. I move slower. The description glacierlike wouldn’t be out of line.

10.  These dogs have been all about the snuggles today. Gracie’s underfoot, pushing into my side and shoving her head under my hand for loves, while Phoebe drops herself across me every time I lay down. They’re always like that when I come out of a week on the run, a week of days where they don’t get a lot of lap time. Which is cool, except it does encourage that glacierlike pace. Catch-22.