“This is always going to be your work. This need for acceptance. This doubt that you’re a good person, someone who deserves good friends. Lots of people who’ve been adopted struggle with this same thing. There’s something deep down inside them that doesn’t truly believe they’re worthy because they think…”

“Our birthmoms didn’t want us.”

You guys, my heart is breaking.

These conversations. They’re so raw. Brutal, really. I leave them drained and wrecked, wondering if I’m helping at all, knowing there isn’t really anything I can do. All I can do is listen. And pray.

Lo, do I pray. I’m praying for strength and guidance, wisdom and courage. I’m praying this kid eventually finds some sort of peace. That a day will come when the world will be a warm and welcoming place.

I’m praying they find a way to believe in their hearts they’re worthy.