Don’t throw a HISSy fit, just put your head down and write. Sure, finding words with a farm animal sound in it is challenging, and you’re not off to such a great start since you’re using a snake sound but hey, those get in the barn sometimes. Just push onward, young thang.

Let’s try again.

Woo boy, have we got some MOOdy days around here. If we’re lucky it’s only one, though sometimes two will crash and burn. But when the MOOn is full and the stars align only BrightSide’s exempt from the crazy…which sounds like a prize until you realize it means he’s surrounded by people pinging off one another. Dude. I’m betting there are days he just wants to vaMOOse but he hangs in there like a champ.

There are a number of sixth grade girls in the NEIGHborhood and so far they don’t seem to hit their MOOdy at the same time. Or if they do then they’re not doing it in front of me, which is a win as far as I’m concerned.


Um, yeah. So that’s about all I got.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt this week was a challenging one! “Find a word that has a farm animal sound in it, i.e. sMOOth, and use it in your post. Bonus points if you include three or more.”