1.  Life. You know how it goes. I’ve written almost annually about May kicking my ass and this month served up the goods again in 2018. When we sat down with Bear to choose a date for her party there was only one night – ONE – that would work. And wouldn’t you know it fell on a weekend when BrightSide was gone.

1a.  I’m all about some independence. I am woman, hear me roar.

1b.  I’m also into knowing when I need help, and hosting middle schoolers at our house sure does seem like one of those times.

1c.  But the calendar is what the calendar is. C’est la vie.

2.  We spent last week prepping the garage – a massive clean out, organizing, cursing at hanging streamers. By Friday night we had a space that was clean and reasonably festive for the 89 degree party. Yikes.

side note: Someone’s gonna have to explain how these kids dress today. I mocked Bear for coming downstairs in a long sleeve shirt, but she wasn’t the only one. Some even showed up in jeans. I melt just thinking about it.

3.  I’m 100% certain we have no idea how to feed a crowd. Six pizzas – way too many. Three bowls of chip bags – too many. Two small ice cream cakes – way too much. Drinks? Those were spot on. So I guess we’re hitting a 25% success rate.

4.  I’m pretty sure balloons on the mailbox is the only thing that kept our neighbor from calling the cops because those shrieks sounded an awful lot like someone getting surprised by an intruder in the garage. Repeatedly. Then maybe getting stabbed. Repeatedly. It was loud.

5.  Funny enough, that noise level was my early warning system. At one point things got just a little too quiet. Suspiciously quiet. Sure enough, it seems the entire party decided it would be a great idea to take a really crowded golf cart ride.

5a. My first thought? Holy hell, how did I manage to lose an ENTIRE PARTY?

5b. My second? Guess I’d better make some calls and get them back.

5c. Sixth graders. Bless their whole hearts.

6.  Both kids peeled out after the party for sleepovers at their friends’ houses. You’d think I was golden, right? Did a little cleanup, shut down the garage, and came in to kick back. I went to bed after midnight looking forward to a relaxing morning with just the dogs around.

7.  Fast forward to 7:00am Saturday morning when my eyes popped open. Seven. A.M. That’s seven in the morningThe brain kicks in, the wheels start turning, and that’s all she wrote. It was a bitter pill, especially seeing as Saturday was going to be a really long day. One without a nap, as it turned out.

8.  BrightSide and I went for Greeter Training at church on Sunday. I have to admit I find the idea of putting me at a door…ambitious. Can I be helpful and friendly? Sure. Are the odds good that I’ll insult a longterm member by thinking they’re a visitor? Absolutely. Let’s hope a friendly attitude smooths the rough edges.

9.  Sunday night’s youth group featured bubble soccer. Y’all, words really can’t do this justice. Kids in enormous bubble balls hurtle themselves at one another. A gigantic inflatable soccer ball that’s taller than me. Kids bouncing off each other and then bouncing off the floors. It was madness.

10.  Greater madness lies in my actual participation. Not in a bubble suit – there’d have to be a gun to my head before I’d close myself into one of those things – but I found plenty of ways to play without being claustrophobic. Play that included being knocked to the ground, swatted sideways, and protecting myself from an enormous falling soccer ball. In related news, I’m really old. I suspect tomorrow will involve a good deal of achy muscles.