Is there anything more promising than a big old empty coffee mug sitting next to a pot of coffee? Not so much for me, I’m doing a cleanse so no coffee for me for over a week now AND I’M DOING JUST FINE, WHY DO YOU ASK?

I haven’t forgotten the feeling of setting an empty mug down, though. Usually a pretty coral one for the cheery factor, as if those blessed coffee beans aren’t about to handle that, and then the sight of steam rising with that luscious aroma…ahh…

We’ve gotten a bit off track.

I’m mostly thinking about how empty isn’t always a bad thing. (Well, yes, now I’m also thinking about coffee, but let’s go with the other.)

Empty gets a bad rap. Empty bellies racked with hunger. Empty wallets, empty coffers (gee, isn’t that all old timey), empty gas tanks stranding you in the middle of the busiest intersection in town.

Okay, those can’t exactly be spun in a positive way. Whoops.

But there’s that whole “glass half empty” thing. If you say it’s half empty then you’re a pessimist, a downer, a killjoy who should stay home and keep your misery to yourself. But so what if it’s half empty? There’s room for more! More love, more life, more wine (yes, more wine, definitely). There’s room to grow and improve and change it up.

And what about the stuff we’reย glad is empty? Trash cans, the basket where you put your bills, the cat’s litter box (funny this one came to me right after bills), your car (because sometimes you just wanna go to the store in peace, thank you very much). I’m always glad to see Gracie’s crate empty since the alternative tends to be the remnants of whatever goody she’s chewed up in secret.

Embrace the empty where you can.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt drops for Saturdays. This week’s prompt is “empty/hollow.”