Linda has found my kryptonite. She’s asked us to write a post on our favorite word. (Funny enough, the prompt is “favourite word” and I find myself literally unable to write it that way. So maybe “favorite” is my favourite? But I digress.)

At any rate, I pulled up her prompt yesterday and just stared. And stared. And stared some more. Because damned if I can come up with a favorite word.

At the risk of sounding all hippy dippy trippy, I’m a writer. I love me some words.Β All of the words. So I guess instead ofΒ a favorite I’ll have to list a few. Call me a rebel.

This will be the slang edition because why not.

danger noodle – snake

As in: Check out that there danger noodle slithering across the driveway near my – hey! where you going?

Take the L – take the loss

As in: Dude, that burn was so major I’m gonna have to Take the L.

boogy – to leave

As in: Dang, y’all, I’m starving. Time to boogy.

lollapalooza – a jumble of things

Hell, who am I kidding, this one’s just fun to say. Go on, say it with me now – LOLLAPALOOZA!

And how about some favorite words that pop into my head a whole heck of a lot? Words like lawd, world, breathe, think, feel, there/their/they’re (yes, I’m oddly obsessed with these), wonderful, and woof.

But what about my favorite adjectives? Like adorable, thankful, brave, fierce, massive, quiet, graceful, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Those have got to be worth a mention.

You’ve probably had it up to the metaphorical here with my run-on wordplay (shout out, Jason Mraz) so I’ll leave you with one final word before I go.


Linda’s stream of consciousness drives our Saturday fun. This week’s prompt is “your favourite word.”