1.  I built a bird feeder Friday. Well, “built” might be taking a few liberties. More like “I followed directions to prepare a bird feeder for use,” but it did involve screws, bolts, diagrams, and a Phillips head so I’m claiming props.

2.  It was an 85% done project by five o’clock. This was the reaction from the peanut gallery:

BrightSide (to Bear): Okay, I want you to take note. Your mom needs help digging a hole.

WTH, BrightSide. Where’s the love?

3.  I put up the June calendar and holy crap, this is why I need a month view hung on my wall. I want to work on growing the blog – psst, I’d love to hear your tips for this – but June’s looking a little squirrelly. Anyway, I’m not trapped under heavy furniture if I go quiet, I’m just trapped under life.

4.  Another Saturday tournament, another eleven hour day filled with casual googling for high blood pressure medication. Seriously, how much are they paying these refs?

5.  Also, I’m gonna need someone to explain how my kid can eat Chic-fil-a, plus a huge ice cream cone, plus a frappucino and not yak all over the court during her last game. Stomach of steel, that one.

6.  On a related note, I have to admit feeling a wee bit pissed. Other people in my house just pour themselves into the car and GO for the day whereas I’m packing a cooler, loading up water bottles, and stocking a backpack so I won’t stare at my phone for hours on end. It may sound whiny but when do I get easy??

6a. Yeah, that was whiny. My bad.

7.  Lesson learned. Never get behind the wheel while still fuming about basketball. But that’s hard when a girl on the other team comes up swinging and some damn fool mama sitting right in front of me gets on her feet and starts screaming, “But what about #2 and Blondie, ref? WHAT ABOUT #2 AND BLONDIE?!?” Well. These are the moments the good Lord puts BrightSide’s calming influence in my line of sight. Because what I want to say is Sit your damn ass down and maybe think about how you need to teach that girl not to come up swinging IN A BASKETBALL GAME. Crazy. Basketball. Parents. Y’all.

8.  On Sunday we dug the hole! (File this under weird things that are exciting as an adult.) Thus began the super fun game of “Is that cardinal gonna try the new bird feeder? Is that cardinal gonna try it??”

9.  AKA – A watched pot never boils. Sheesh.

10.  I walked the dogs so long Sunday evening that Gracie was too pooped to pup. Literally, the dog who’s always wrecking havoc couldn’t even jog the last cul-de-sac. Bless her furry little heart.