Yes, the hubby works in financial advising (and is pretty darn good at it, too) but that’s not why I’m sharing this one.

We need to talk more about money. Not so much the GIRL, I got this on clearance at Target and they only had three left, you gotta GO talk. We need the real stuff.

We need to talk about what we want to do with our money because whether you want to save up for yourself or give every single cent away, you can’t do either until you’ve got the moola in your account. We need to talk about how we make money, where we’re spending money, how to save money –

Here’s just a beginning.

“This inventory will help you plan. It may take you time to collect all the information, and that’s okay. Next, we’re going to analyze the health of each category, to help you craft your financial freedom action plan. If you work with a financial planner, or are working on a will or trust, this type of inventory ensures you’re not missing any important information.”

Inventory Your Finances: Step 1 of 5 Fabulous Steps to Financial Freedom : The Feminist Financier