1.  When we rolled back into town late Friday afternoon we were hot, tired, and had a healthy amount of dirt/paint crusted under our nails from the mission trip. We were lucky enough to get in before the kennel closed so I got to bring the fur babies home a day earlier than expected. Stress melting soft luvies – ahhh…

2.  Can you believe BrightSide actually mowed the freaking yard on Friday? Y’all. I can’t even. I couldn’t muster up the motivation to unpack my backpack and there he was doing major yard work.

3.  Saturday brought the cleaning job to rival all cleaning jobs. You see, less than one week earlier we’d zipped in and out of town on an eleven hour turnaround. I remember thinking oh, it’ll be fine, we’ll just roll in and do laundry then repack without making too much of a mess, bing bang boom, we’re done. I must have been delusional. We made a huge mess.

4.  So while Gracie and Phoebe looked on, trying to figure out why on earth I didn’t just sit down and produce a lap, I bustled around coordinating an effort to erase all evidence of the atomic bomb that had decimated our house. There was stuff. Everywhere. All the stuff in all the places. Bless.

5.  If I were you I’d be saying wth, Laura, what’s the rush? The house will wait. Take a nap.

6.  Except my family was coming for lunch on Sunday. Yes, I know, there’s no need to impress family, they’d understand the mess. But not this mess. Seriously, words fail me. Plus we didn’t have enough clean surfaces to put out the salad and burrito fixings. So there’s that.

7.  Speaking of salad and burritos, we had one serious problem. There was no food in the house. Being gone for two weeks will do that. Plus let’s face it – it took everything I had to prep for the mission trip, get us all to Williamsburg, run a business meeting, get the kids back home and turned around to leave again – there was a zero percent chance of planning and preparing for a meal before leaving. Which meant Saturday found me at Food Lion grabbing the essentials, along with a surprising number of people considering it was decent weather.

8.  Sunday morning I dropped the chicken and marinade in the crockpot and headed off to church sporting my mission t-shirt. (What? You mean we have to wear our t-shirts to church? Darn. I was so hoping to dress up. NOT.) They haven’t yet created the sort of coffee that might have brought me to life…let’s just say my alto part was a bit hinky and leave it at that.

9.  The family dinner went great, though. That shredded chicken was a hit – yay! one lake week dinner done! – and Bee made another fantabulous cake to celebrate Bear’s birthday. (Yes. From May. Y’all, there are no words for this spring.)

10.  We’re rolling into the last week of June the way we rolled into the first one: with our hair on fire and roller skates on our feet. Bear’s spending a few days out of town (again) with a friend, T-man’s starting basketball camp, and BrightSide’s headed back into work. As for me? I plan to spend a lot of time recouping with these fur babies.