Okay, is anybody out there going to write a post on anything other than the traditional cry of “Cheers!” when we toast? Because I’m coming up blank.

The first thing that popped into my head was how I never really got on board with the whole “Cheers!” thing. Is this an English saying? Tradition? What have you? I dunno, I don’t mean to be surly about it, it’s just never been a saying that naturally passed my lips. You know how some things feel a bit like you’re putting on airs? Yeah. “Cheers” has always been like that for me.

“Good on ya!” never seemed to naturally fit either, though, so cheers won the day.

And doesn’t this all sound like I spend my days holding flutes of champagne or mugs of refreshing ale? Bwahahaha!!

This naturally brings us to the other hit-me-between-the-eyes choice: the tv show Cheers. I actually watched this! That has sort of a surprised tone to it because it seems like I missed out on most of the shows BrightSide “always” watched growing up. Either that or I have swiss cheese memory when it comes to television. Holey memory or not, I’m certain I wasn’t a Gunsmoke fan.

But I digress.

Cheers is one of those shows I did see and (even more remarkable) remember. Norm and the crowd’s roar when he walked in. The friendly banter. Sam and Diane’s love interest story. (And who wasn’t screaming at their tv when are you two gonna get together?? in those days?) I doubt I’d watch any reruns, though, since I’ve found most of those good-old-days shows lose their luster in current day watching.

Interesting related factoid: like many tourists in Boston, BrightSide and I visited the Cheers bar. That’s it. That’s all I remember of that. But hey, at least it’s relevant.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

So glad to be back with Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday! This week’s prompt is “cheers.”