Jury duty. Amiright?

All I can say is this would have been valuable advice to have before I had to deal with my first summons.

“Jury duty is the number three shared experience in America that sitcoms have told us we hate. It comes in right behind the DMV and the post office at Christmas. But what do you really know about jury duty? Chances are, probably shit all, because sitcoms lied to you. I know, right? We trusted TV and this is how it repays us.

Here’s what (federal) jury duty is all about, in my experience.

  • When you first get the notice of eligibility, there is a questionnaire you must fill out and mail in or access online. If you don’t do this, the Men in Black will come for you. Or so I assume.”

What to Expect from the Hell that is Jury Duty: how to grow the fuck up and act like an adult