1.  It’s six billion degrees in North Carolina. Okay, the radio says mid-90s but I’m telling you, it’s six billion degrees in North Carolina. Even when I get up and out first thing in the morning to walk the dogs. To the neighbor who spotted me mopping my face with my tank top: sorry, man. Sweat dripping in my eyes while juggling two large animals takes priority over modesty. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

2.  BrightSide had those kids helping him shuck corn by 9am on a Saturday morning. The bickering. The drama. The snappishness that caused me to plop a cup of coffee down in front of little miss. Mama ain’t got no time for that when I’m sweaty and gross.

3.  Meantime I was up to my eyeballs in wireless router research. Ours finally hit the skids so hard it started humming a funeral dirge, and since Apple decided to exit the router arena I was wading through pages of tech speak. Tri-band technology, MU-MIMO, mesh systems, 2.4 vs. 5 GHz – turns out there’s a whole lotta backstory behind the magic internet signal that delivers wifi to all good boys and girls of the household.

4.  Ah, I remember the days when it was just BrightSide and me. Catching up on our phones, streaming a little Netflix – simple, straightforward. Now we’ve got T-man playing Fortnite (usually while streaming music on YouTube), Bear watching something on Netflix, our show streaming on Prime, my blog on the laptop, and at least two active phones. Add in an Echo streaming music while Bear showers and we’ve got the perfect storm. Our house had gone from simple to a technology minefield, and I needed to find a router to handle it. No pressure, right?

5.  Because we don’t fool around in this house I made a decision by noon and BrightSide picked the router up that afternoon. I went with the Linksys Max Stream MU-MIMO Tri-Band EA9500.

5a.  If this router failed you, I don’t want to know. Seriously, I’m flying on faith right now. Just let me hold onto the dream.

5b.  We’re 24 hours in and things are looking pretty good, especially on the laptop. Pages are loading much more quickly. The tv froze up on us once but I’m hoping I can tweak internet settings to nip that problem.

5c.  I’ve achieved miracle worker status in T-man’s eyes. The new router (which, coincidentally, is one his favorite gamer uses) has fixed his game chat problem and dramatically decreased his number of pings. Short version = new router good.

6.  The kids’ cousins came over to hang out for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Bless their whole hearts, they tried several times to play outside but again, six billion degrees. Ugh.

7.  Bear chose IHOP for our Sunday morning brunch where our server’s nameplate proudly declared we were at ihob. IHOB. I can’t. I just can’t.

8.  BrightSide and I spent the afternoon getting Bear off to camp. Her roommate was from California, a suite mate was from Texas. Other students were from Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Washington State…and it was only an hour away from us. I was more than counting my lucky stars as several other parents headed to the airport to catch their flights home.

9.  Not to sound like a broken record or anything but daaaaammmmmnnnn. 100 degrees at 10:00am, 100 degrees at 7:30pm. Seriously??

10.  We FaceTime with Mo and The Chef on Sunday nights and before signing off they had us pinky swear we’d watch Crosswalk the Musical: The Sound of Music. I’m now demanding the same pinky promise from each of you. Click and giggle, people.