“Hey, girls, wanna go for a walk?”

Whaaa? HUH? YES, we wanna go for a walk. Yes yes yes, let’s go right now, let’s go for the walk, we want the walk, LET’S GO!

(Both dogs rush to the back door and pant happily.)

There’s the leash! Right there! Right there, right there, there’s the leash right there. Pick up the leash! Go on, pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up – ALL RIGHT!

(Gracie: Grins ear to ear, wags tail furiously. Phoebe: Bounds back and forth, knocking into Gracie, the blinds, me.)

Phoebe:  DO ME! DO ME! I want the leash! Give me the leash! I WANT THE LEASH!

(I pick up Gracie’s leash. Gracie: Obediently plops bottom on floor, tail swishing back and forth. Phoebe: Begins pogo stick jumping, furiously trying to force me into leashing her first.)

Gracie:  Oh yes, I will sit here like a good girl just waiting and watching and waiting and watching because I am a good girl and I really really want to go on a walk – (click) – my leash! It’s on! Let’s go!!

(Improbable as it seems, Phoebe jumps even higher, bounding into my midsection over and over. I turn my back and cross my arms, waiting her out. Finally she skitters to a stop, vibrating with her bottom an inch off the floor.)

Phoebe: See? I’m sitting! This is sitting, it is, it really is. Look at me sit so good. Hook my leash! Hook it hook it please please hook it so we can go, I want to go, IT’S TIME TO GO, please hook my leash!! (click) Ahhh, IT’S HOOKED!

(Phoebe: Springs three feet into air and turns spirals, twisting the leash around her feet. Gracie: Grins goofily at Phoebe then sprints to the door.)

Let’s go let’s go, we want to go, LET’S GO!

(I firmly wrap both leashes around my wrist then dodge bouncing canines to turn the doorknob. The door slowly swings open and Gracie lurches forward, pulling me onto the porch.)