me: What are some things you’ve enjoyed doing so far this summer?

Bear:  Camp and going to the beach. And I’m doing stuff with my friends, like, we haven’t got completely out of touch. And…shopping. I’ve gone shopping. That makes me happy. Going to see movies is fun.

me: What are some things you’re looking forward to?

Bear: School. I’m ready to make some new friends.

me: What’s something you learned during the mission trip last month?

Bear: The importance of friendship.

me: That’s a really good one.

Bear: And to trust what my friends say ’cause usually they’re looking out for me.

me: It’s good to have friends like that. Thank you for making us dinner this week. What did you think of cooking for the family?

Bear: It was really stressful ’cause I was cooking a few different things at the same time, so I was making sure one thing didn’t burn while the dog didn’t eat the other thing I was cooking.

me: It turned out really good!

Bear: You could barely eat any of it, though. [Bear made pasta, garlic bread, salad, and strawberry shortcake.]

me: But the parts I ate were really good!

Bear: The strawberries were yummy.

me: Yep…Alright, what’s your least favorite chore and why?

Bear: Taking out the trash because I’m always scared I’m gonna open the trash can and a bunch of bees are going to fly out at me.

me: What’s your favorite chore and why?

Bear: Emptying the dishwasher because it doesn’t take that long and I listen to music while I do it.

me: What are you looking forward to this school year?

Bear: Making new friends. Meeting new people. The teachers being, like, really good. Getting to choose my electives, I’m really excited for that. And basketball season.

me: What’s the last dream you remember?

Bear: I don’t know!

me: You don’t remember your dreams?

Bear: Uh-uh.

me: What’s your favorite snack food right now?

Bear: Right now frozen yogurt ’cause I’m eating it. But in general? I really like strawberries. And cookie dough.

me: Those are two very different things. All right, my last one…what are some books or movies you’d recommend to a friend?

Bear: For books, definitely Chains (by Laurie Halse Anderson). I really like it and I’m not even that far into it. Wonder (by R.J. Palacio). I really liked the book and the movie. Don’t ever watch any Star Wars movies ever again ’cause Disney can’t make Star Wars movies. At all. Ever. Just don’t do it. No offense to those Disney lovers out there.

me: Okay, good tips. That’s ten, and that means Flip the Script. You get one question. Any question.

Bear: How is it being a travel basketball mom?

me: (laughs) Oh my. Intense. Those are some crazy people, man. Crazy.

Bear: Like that girl that ran into me –

me: But it’s really fun because once you get the hang of packing to leave the house for the day…it’s neat to get to watch you do two or three games in a day. So intense…but fun.

Bear: My favorite one was the one in Raleigh and we went to that mall…

me: On your birthday.

Bear: On my birthday. And I got the Cinnabon and the food and everything and it was just awesome.

me: That was not a bad birthday after all.

Bear: No, it wasn’t, I liked it!

me: Okay, luvie, thank you.