1.  Ever get a song stuck in your head when you’re trying to write? Yeah. It’s gonna be like that today.

2.  If I was still living in the Boston area I might say Saturday was wicked busy. For summertime anyway. Bear and BrightSide were out the door e-a-r-l-y to play some racquetball – oh, to be a fly and not get crushed by a rubber ball on that wall.

3.  We were trying to get some stuff done around the house and guess who got the Christmas boxes and wrapping paper put back in the storage closet? That’s right, this girl, whoop whoop. Feeling pretty industrious, if I do say so myself. This is the time of year I start to seriously question my wrapping system because five months from now I’ll be facing that crap again. It’s also about the time of year my high school pal starts his Christmas shopping. So there’s that.

4.  Speaking of Christmas, my friend told me this weekend that Christmas is “balls to the wall” in her house and that might be my new favorite phrase for December madness with yay baby Jesus for kiddos.

4a.  Love you, mean it – please don’t write me that saying Christmas is balls to the wall is sacrilegious because I am 100% convinced Jesus has a sense of humor.

4b.  How can he not considering I’m rolling around out here like a fool with my hair on fire.

4c.  Plus for many of us Christmas is balls to the wall. You know it. I know it. Embrace it.

5.  We spent some time at the cabin where Bear and her friend goofed off on the playground like the kids they are. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like a couple of rising 7th graders reaching for the sky on swings to make a mama smile. Because Gracie is Gracie and likes to make a BIG FAT LIAR out of me, she used this opportunity to chew up a soft wooly lamb sitting on momH’s stairs. Oh, don’t worry about the dogs, it’s afternoon so all they’ll do is nap. For heaven’s sake, Gracie. For.heaven’s.sake.

6.  Sista-friend had the best pic on Instagram last week. She and a bunch of friends were wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “I’LL BRING THE…” It was like the seven dwarves only funnier. I’LL BRING THE…Alcohol…Bad Decisions…Bail Money…Alibi. These are the kinds of friends who bring a shovel and know where to bury the body.

7.  This is definitely a weird Monday rundown, I’m normally much more chronological. I dig it.

8.  T-man cooked a breakfast dinner for us on Sunday that was dee-li-cious. Waffles (not for me), biscuits (also not for me), scrambled eggs, and turkey sausage. Mmmmm. We’ve got some good learning going on in the kitchen. Last night’s favorite moment might have been during Bear’s post-dinner cleanup when she commented that they really ought to help more because lots of the time I cook and clean. Holy Moses! Wonder if it’ll stick.

9.  My awesome sis called to share wonderful (WONDERFUL!) news that is not mine to announce in a blog but in case you’re reading, Bee, I am so doggone happy for you I could spit confetti.

10.  I got to #10 so the Monday, Monday soundtrack didn’t take me down. Ha! As I’m wrapping this up BrightSide’s running over the yard with the mower, T-man’s playing Fortnite, Bear’s streaming Netflix, the dogs have crashed and burned, and the birds are enjoying a late evening snack. All is right with the world.