That’s right, ladies and gents, we’re halfway through summer and you know what that means. Ice cream for everybody! Just kidding. Today it means the 2018 Midsummer Review. Whoop! Whoop!

So far this summer we’ve…

** survived a whirlwind trip to Williamsburg, Virginia involving a great deal of Busch Gardens excitement and not nearly enough down time.

** persevered through a week in the Appalachia region with sixteen middle schoolers, obscenely hot work conditions, a flashback to dorm living, and next to no cell reception.

** shipped one kid off to the beach for a long weekend.

** completed one week of basketball day camp for the boy.

** completed one week of sleep away camp for the girl.

We’ve also managed to…

** establish some semblance of a semi-routine that kinda sorta includes chores, reading, math, and Spanish. Most days.

** break out of that routine for one reason or another at least 20% of the time.

** log a ridiculous number of sleeping hours, weighted heavily in favor of the teenage boy who at this rate will be three inches taller by the end of August.

** get each kid through preparing supper for the family without a) burns, b) blood, or c) setting the kitchen on fire.

** walk Gracie and Phoebe more days than not which is a stunning improvement over past performance.

↑high↑ points – can I get a holla??

** Finding out that Brixx makes a pretty decent gluten free pizza.

** Finding really yummy Italian ice in town. Italian iiiiiiiiicccee! My new favorite treat! And now we’re gonna have to go this week because Italian iiiiiiiiicccee!

** Reaching my midsummer goal of 50 push ups a day. I am woman, hear me roar. 100, I’m coming for ya.

** The Incredibles II because belly laughs are the best.

** Learning that popcorn – even movie popcorn, the ultimate in decadent snacking – is gluten free. Praise the Lord and pass that buttery bucket.

** T-man hooked up the fire tv in our bedroom. Guess he got tired of seeing it collect dust, so now I can watch Friday Night Lights and do an 8:00am workout without making a racket outside his door.

↓low↓ points – can I get a whoops-a-daisie??

** You know what’s awesome? I can’t think of a single thing to put here. I mean, sure, there was that day when I thought I was seriously gonna lose my shit because stress and adulting and too much to remember and too little sleep…but then I got over it. Because, y’know, life. Whatevs.

Predictions for the next 34 days:

** T-man will continue to sleep in until 11:00am or later, despite proclaiming repeatedly that he’s gonna start setting an alarm “soon.”

** The week leading up to lake departure will, in truth, be anything but easy. I will end up feeling stressed out about something stupid but then we’ll all get there anyway and life will be good.

** Bear will dance gladly into final school preparations with a song on her lips and joy in her heart.

** T-man will wonder if getting up before 8:00am has ever been listed as cause of death for a teenager.

** The kids will, at some point, finish reading their books for school. Amen.