We’ve got these friends.

They’re the sort of friends who tell stories that have us rolling in the aisles. Sometimes we’ll go out to dinner and the next day my abs will ache from the giggles. Literally ache. Yeah, sure, it reminds me how ridiculously out of shape my core is but still…you gotta appreciate that kind of laugh-fest.

We’ve got these movies.

They span stupid slapstick to snarky sarcasm and they help us escape. They make us laugh until tears roll down our faces then rewind so we can do it again. And now we get to share them with the kids, watching them laugh until they cry. It’s good times.

We’ve got these crazy dogs.

Their goofy faces. Their silly tails. The way they slide across the wood floor and crash into the blinds on our back door. Ears perked up like Yoda, noses twitching like bunnies, they’re the epitome of comic relief.

Stuff that makes you laugh so hard you pee.

Reaching for the Pull Ups is quite a compliment around here.