10.  Two hours in you don’t feel like you’re going to pass out from sunstroke.

9.  Even a partly cloudy day in North Carolina’s July is still 80 degrees and muggy so the lake water feels fine, thank you very much.

8.  Hard lemonade on tap tastes just as delightful. Probably the Blue Moon, too, but who knows for sure because hard lemonade.

7.  The chances of sweating sunscreen into your eyes decreases by 75%.

6.  You don’t leave a layer of skin behind when you forget to slip on flip flops to walk across the dock.

5.  There is one other boat on the entire lake. Maybe two. Seriously.

4.  Fewer boats means fewer folks trolling by and that means less bobbing up and down like a cork when I’m lounging in a delightful floatie with said adult beverage in hand.

3.  Herons love a partly cloudy day.

2.  You can pick up a wee bit of color through your sunscreen without bursting into flame like a phoenix.

1.  Afternoon naps on rainy days are a moral imperative.