1.  It was a weird lake week. People came. People left. People had stuff going on. But you know what held steady through it all? Sister Time.

2.  You know what’s even better than Sister Time? Sister Time floating on the water.

3.  You know what’s even better than that? Sister Time floating on the water with a red solo cup in hand. Yaaaasss!

4.  It was extremely weird weather. All but two days called for rain, usually thunderstorms. Every single day except two. You know how often it rained? Maybe a smidge of two evenings. It just kept…holding off. Pushing away. Like a teflon dome had dropped over our particular area of the lake.

5.  Have I mentioned there’s no wifi at the lake? There are four of us on our data plan. This didn’t strike me as a big deal until a few days in when holy moley, the data usage hit. Who is burning through all of the data?!

6.  But wouldn’t you know AT&T has a handy dandy website where you can check your account status In Real Time. Texts. Calls. And data. Uh huh. You know my fingers were tap-a-tap-tapping and someone’s data stream got shut down that very same day. Mama don’t play.

7.  You know what ranks as my least favorite moment from the weekend? We were floating by the dock on Saturday afternoon as a ridiculously obnoxious boat passed back and forth all day. They had their music blasting at an obscene level – you know it’s something when boat music drowns out the tunes playing right behind your head – and I thought I was just annoyed by the disturbance. But then there was the last pass through, the one where thumping bass pounded my chest while I sat shocked by the 90 decibel blast of “ni**a” across the water. Freedom of speech, my ass.

8.  BrightSide gets all the credit for me not tooling on over and burning down someone’s dock that night. It’s always good to remember jail time isn’t in my life plan.

9.  Sunday was long and a wee bit exhausting. There’s something about rolling back into real life that just makes me want to run away again.

10.  So now we’re headed into the first week in August. Things are starting to get real. How did we get to the end of summer again?