Are you hanging out on insta? Have you found me yet? Because I’m all about the musings over there on Instagram with the photos and the videos and the mad street cred…

But I digress.

I joined The Insta – what? that’s not what the cool kids say? – right around the time I started this blog. Smart people said social media platforms were important and I like to take smart people advice, so off I went to find a spot on Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr and Pinterest.

Yeah. I know. Pinterest. Those of you who know me can stop snorting now.

I publish most often to Twitter and Instagram. My posts run automatically to Tumblr, and as for Pinterest I honest to God don’t remember the last thing I put on one of my boards. Probably a tattoo design. There are some metaphorical cobwebs over there.

Of course now I can’t even get Twitter to publish to my Facebook profile because of those Russian bots or some other freaking nonsense. Don’t you tell me these five simple steps will reconnect it, Twitter, BECAUSE THEY DON’T. And your help page sucks. I’m not interested in making the Twitter experience better for humanity, I just want to reconnect my social media platforms. SHEESH!

But Instagram? That’s my happy visual medium feed. Some of it’s funny, some moving, some educational, some nonsense – basically a mishmash of what makes up my life.

Anyway, Bear and T-man have come of the age when they’re dipping their toes into this particular social media arena and I’ll tell you what – you don’t know what a good time is until you’re scrolling your daughter’s instagram feed for inappropriate pictures. This is the kind of conversation we sometimes have in my house now.


me: So who is this?

Bear: lkasfdlkjasd (seriously, fill in anything you want there, it doesn’t matter)

me: O-kay…and how do you know him?

Bear: He’s famous.

me: For what?

Bear: [blink, blink]

me: Like, does he sing? Is he on a tv show?

Bear: [blink, blink]

me: Why do people know him??

Bear: I don’t know, he’s just…famous.

me: Like YouTube famous?

Bear: Yeah.

me: O-kay…


Don’t even get me started on how people get famous now for doggedly splashing their face all over the internet. I mean, you don’t even have to have a talent? Seriously?! And while we’re at it maybe we could have a word about that pic of him in a towel…

Boy, you kiss your mama with that mouth? Shame on you.