Way back in June I shared 5 tips and tricks no one told me before my kids went on their first mission trip, fully intending to add a second installment. Now here I am, six weeks later, nursing a beer water and wondering where the time went. I guess sometimes it takes an entire summer to come full circle. Bless.

But because I’m stubborn determined and a tiny bit OCD committed to following my blog planner we’re gonna roll into part two today. Can I get a holla?

5 More Tips and Tricks No One Told Me Before My Kids Went On Their First Mission Trip.

You’re welcome.

1.  Remember the snacks. Plus snacks. Then cram even more snacks in the side of their bag. You know how your kid eats ’round the clock at home? That adorable trait follows them on a mission trip twentyfold because they’ve been working all day and crave extra calories. Just picture feeding a tiny(ish) army of vultures and you might pack enough snacks.

2.  Consider sending a 24 hour clinical strength deodorant and/or antiperspirant. Yes, sweat regulates body temperature so it’s super important those stinky glands keep pumping. And sure, your kid will (probably) take a shower every day. But – and I’m speaking for every adult who comes into contact with your precious snowflake – teenage sweat is its own particular brand of ewww. Riding home from the worksite in tight spaces with half a dozen sweat drenched bodies is the stuff that singes nose hairs. So maybe pack some hardcore deodorant and wing up a prayer for our nostrils.

3.  Pro Girl Tips: hair, clothes, and “accessories? really?!”

  • Send tons of ponytail holders. We’re talking the jumbo pack. Trust me – they’ll stretch, they’ll snap, and she’ll loan a third to her roommate.
  • Count the shirts your daughter laid out. Now put two of them back in the dresser. She’ll still have more clothes than she’ll actually wear.
  • Let’s say it together: You’re Going On A Mission Trip. Leave your rings. Leave your necklaces. Leave that special bracelet your bestie made you in third grade. Ya don’t need ’em.

4.  Pro Guy Tips: hair, clothes, and “three chargers? what??”

  • The week when every single pore oozes sweat is not the week to go au natural. Pack the shampoo. Use the shampoo. EVERY DAY.
  • Count the shirts your son laid out. Now add five more because trust me, they will run out of non-stinky clothes. While you’re at it, make sure at least four can get trashed beyond recovery without causing a blip at home.
  • Let’s say it together: You’re Going On A Mission Trip. Nobody needs three chargers on a freaking mission trip.

5.  Gum. Send all the gum. Because let’s face it – you can pack the toothbrush, you can pack the toothpaste, but it’s 50/50 your kid will use them every day.