If you read nothing else today, read this. Read this and don’t say, “Oh, but of course that non-adopted person meant this.”

Read this and say, “Oh. So that’s how this feels to someone who’s adopted.”

Listen to the expert.

“Many times when I share that I am adopted, this crazy diarrhea of the mouth thing happens to the person I’m talking to. It’s as if they need to fill the space of being uncomfortable. They say things like, “wow, you’re so lucky”  “I wish I were adopted”  “aren’t you glad you weren’t aborted”  “I have a friend, of a friend, of a cousin once removed who’s adopted, so I’m basically an expert on adoption”  

The list could go on, on. There are ones that cut deeper than others and the one that really hits me in the gut is the story the church tells of adoption. 

Me: I’m adopted
Non Adopted person in conversation: Oh, that’s wonderful, we are ALL adopted through Christ”

Dear Religious Friend Who Says “We’re All Adopted Through Christ”…I Have Something To Say: Adoptee Out Loud