I’m feeling a bit contrary today, so instead of blathering on about what we’ve done the last few days I’m going to blather on about some of my random thoughts over the weekend.

You’re welcome. Or my bad. Whichever fits best by #10.

1.  The hummingbirds have officially found our feeder. At one point on Friday there were four birds dancing around it, swooping in and out to inhale sugar water. Four. I’m gonna let my bird geek fly and squeal it was so AWESOME!

2.  We went to the lake Friday and Saturday and here’s the thing. I love the trees. I love the water. But I hardcore miss my birds while I’m there. Right now there are about twenty-five of them chirping their way through dinnertime and it’s a joyful noise.

3.  We’ve got five more days before the month resets on our cell phone data plan and I’m starting to wonder who I’ve got to bribe so today will magically look like Friday.

4.  Nah, just kidding, it’s all cool now that we’re back in the land of wifi. But I’ve gotta say, one more day trying to blog on a low-speed hot spot at the lake and I’d be rolling on over to AT&T wearing my best apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur…

5.  You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen a wet hummingbird at the feeder. Bending to drink with their little wet mohawk feathers sticking up on their heads…bwahahahaha!

6.  Ditto the doggie delight at being picked up at the kennel. Joy! Oh JOY! The human is back! The human is back and she’s leashing us AND SHE’S PUTTING US IN THE CAR TO GO HOME!!! I have never ever ever been this happy in my entire furry life!

7.  And did y’all realize hummingbirds make a noise? For real! They make this sort of squeaky chirping sound. Because I’m all about the educations, you can listen to it here:

8.  You know what else I’m all about? This new Mediterranean deli we ate at last week. Listen, I’m gonna pull out my tiny violin for a minute. This new eating plan makes me feel awesome but totally sucks when it comes to eating out. Restaurants have zero choices for me, or I’m always eating salads, or they’ll offer three or four options (one of which is red meat so that’s out for me, too). But oh my gosh, you guys, this deli, it’s like a religious experience. The food is incredible, yes, but that’s not what brought me to actual tears standing in the restaurant. It was all of the dishes marked “made without gluten.” Meat options, vegetarian options, pita bread, and the best damn gluten free desserts I’ve ever eaten. I sure hope the kids find stuff that makes them happy there because I finally found someplace where I don’t feel like an afterthought.

9.  I have seriously got to come to terms with the fact that my body’s happier when I eat a vegetarian diet. It’s a total mental block at this point.

10.  Last week’s comment discussion on One Liner Wednesday brought me serious joy. People reading, adding their thoughts, responding to each other…it’s the sort of thing writers live for. Cool beans.