Y’all, I just filled my Prime Pantry box with a bevy of gluten free baking products and I am a neeewwww womannnnnn! I believe I’ll dance a happy little jig on my front porch when the UPS guy drops off the box. Maybe to this little ditty right here.

Because amen and hallelujah, we are back in the baking business.

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

Do you need some backstory? Here’s my bemused commentary on becoming a gluten free semi-vegetarian. (I know, I know…semi-vegetarian kinda smacks of semi-virgin but you know what I mean.) And if you ever wondered what it’s like to do a detox cleanse, you can read the nitty gritty here. Or this post on how Carrabba’s is the devil when you somehow end up eating three dinners and two desserts that are so not on your “okay foods” list.

There ya go, all caught up.

Crowdsourcing my life has seriously been my most productive use of Facebook to date. Need to find a good plumber? Facebook. Recommendations for luggage or backpacks? Facebook. Pretty sure I’ve forgotten to do something I promised someone? Yep, I put that shit on Facebook and waited to see who’d message me.

So I figured if crowdsourcing has worked this well in so many other areas of my life, why not give it a shot with food? Which brings us back to today’s post.

See how neatly I brought that one full circle? It was a two-cups-of-coffee day. BOOM.

I pretty much gave up baked goods back in January when the doctor dropped the unfortunate news that I have a gluten sensitivity. (And doesn’t that make me sound like a special snowflake? Sheesh.) Cake, breads, cupcakes, breads – it all went out the window because gluten free stuff sucks and I’d rather learn to live without than suffer through a poor substitute.

Fast forward eight months when lo and behold, someone (AHEM! The Chef) made me dee-li-cious gluten free brownies. Have you ever cried over brownies? Well, I have. Solidarity, sisters. It turns out Betty Crocker makes a fabulous gluten free brownie mix – add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to that puppy and you’ll be dancing a happy jig yourself.

It was the very next week when gem offered me a bite of what she called crack cornbread. I declined, not so much because I’m opposed to crack food items (hello buttery popcorn, you sexy snack you) but because I’ve never been a huge cornbread fan. And because I can be stubborn it took me a couple of weeks before I thought hey, what do you have to lose, just make the bread.

And Oh My God, it IS crack cornbread! It’s gluten free crack cornbread!

Because I’m not a tease I’m happy to share the mix is from King Arthur Flour. Our Food Lion carries it, as does Amazon (see happy jig for the UPS guy note above). You can check out their baking mixes here – I’ve already spent time drooling over the page.

Now for the crowdsourcing. Anyone else have a gluten free find to share?