Is it just me or did anybody else notice that the world blew up this week?

No? Just me? Well then…

I have to admit I’d gotten used to a lot of the massive changes since 45 took office. Maybe “used to” is the wrong phrase – more like every single day wasn’t a new shocking revelation that left me staring, mouth agape, at the tv. Muttering, yes, but less of the staring in shock and catching flies response.

But then sometimes I forget the alternate world we’re living in just long enough to notice the crazy again.

Like yesterday. I was sitting in the kitchen listening to CNN when I heard that little Breaking News jingle – you know the one. And the reporter says, “Here we have breaking news…from the president’s twitter account just now…”

Holy shit, really? Really?! This is how we’re hearing national news now? Because I’m sure you’re wondering (who wouldn’t be), here’s the tweet:

Oh. North Korea. Yeah. ‘Cuz that’s the sort of thing I should hear about on the social media network where they break the latest Kardashian buzz.

Then I realized that this is someone’s job now. Somebody at every news division now has a job description that includes monitoring Donald Trump’s twitter feed. Jesus take the wheel.

Didn’t they used to issue press releases in the White House when important stuff happened? You know, like all those times C.J. Cregg strode into the press room with a handful of breaking news notes for reporters anxious to make a deadline.

Sure, it was a television show, but that was loosely based on reality. Or reality as we used to know it. Right?

Linda’s stream of consciousness drives our Saturday fun. This week’s prompt is “notice.”