Okay, so the thing is sometimes we need somebody to full on slap us.

I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. I’d rather not walk around with a red handprint stinging my cheek all day. But I gotta say – and I’m speaking as someone who’s been described as punk ass stubborn headstrong more than a few times – some situations call for shock value. I mean, let’s face it. Nobody’s forgotten that Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, amiright?

I’ve started following Rachel Cargle (primarily on Instagram) and she is to white privilege what that nipple shot was to eyeballs everywhere. You can’t look away and you can’t unsee it.

Here are just a few of the lessons working their way through my system:

And some of the links Rachel shared as part of her “do the work” material:

“Here’s How to Find Out How Racist Your Kid’s School Is” by Samuel Sinyangwe

A guide to using the Department of Education’s data to suss out and address racial disparities in your district.

“The Most Dangerous Person in America is the White Woman” by Danielle Slaughter

The white woman’s words, tears, and irrational fears have torn apart more black lives than that group of Charlottesville neo nazis we all focused on.

“Why celebrating Juneteenth is more important now than ever” by P.R. Lockhart

Not familiar with Juneteenth? Neither was I. I didn’t learn about it in history class and it wasn’t on our calendars. I’ve only found events by specifically searching them out. This isn’t a part of black culture, it’s American culture. Read up.