My real life peeps know the confederate flag is a touchy subject with me. Actually, that won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads the blog, either. Considering the “Silent Sam” statue was torn down in Chapel Hill less than two weeks ago and certain locals are actively campaigning to have it returned to its prominent location, I thought I’d share this blogger’s perspective. (If you’ve managed to remain blissfully unaware of this nonsense, you can get up to speed here.)

Please take time to check out this post. It’s worth the read.

“This is not complex. This is not a matter of good people disagreeing. It is not deep and touching to honor your grandfather for attempting to keep my grandfather in chains. It’s not ok to become a homegrown terrorist who attacks your own government so that other people can pick cotton for you for free. There is no nobility in that. Your grandfather was on the wrong side of history…period. You can still love him. But, our government, at neither the Federal or State level, should never have allowed any of these individuals to be honored. We must deal with that truth…painful as it might be to do so.”

“Silent” Sam: Talking Oreos