1.  Ah, Labor Day weekend. Time to unwind. Time to sleep in. Time to reset for fall.

2.  Then my body remembered that I’m old. Sure, there’s unwinding – after I juggle the five things my kid threw at me last minute. Sure, there’s sleeping in – if you consider 7am sleeping in because apparently my brain did. And sure, there’s resetting for fall – because ready or not, September’s upon us. Get on board or get outta the way, people.

3.  We spent a couple of days at the lake and everybody was on board with the kick back and relax plan. The kids slept in on Saturday (ah, the ease of youth) which gave BrightSide and me a couple of blissful hours on the screened in porch, sipping coffee and watching the cardinals come and go.

4.  The grown ups went down to the dock around 11:00 while the kids continued their sloth-like relaxation in the house. Some peaceful time reading on the water? Yes, please.

5.  Around noon I called Bear to let her know we were heading to the marina for ice cream and if they felt like coming [pregnant pause]…and what do you know, those kids were down at the dock in less than ten minutes flat. Shocking, right?

5a.  Turned out to be hot as bejeebers so ice cream was the perfect lunch plan.

5b.  Even BrightSide got a cup. He never gets ice cream. It was a banner day.

5c.  For the record, Hershey’s Midnight Caramel River is both gluten free and dee-li-cious.

6.  A storm popped up pretty fast that afternoon and we made it back to the house just minutes before the bottom dropped out. Torrential rain, lightning, thunder that shook the metaphorical rafters – it was my sometimes-perfect Saturday afternoon at the lake. Because the only thing that rivals lazy sunny days on the water is lazy sleepy days in the house.

7.  Plus I finally got around to reading a big chunk of that book I’ve been meaning to dig into so there’s another rainy day bonus.

8.  In the end we decided to head home on Sunday evening, but that still left time for Bear to go tubing with her friend. You try watching two giggling girls bouncing around behind a boat without smiling. I dare you.

9.  Coming back Sunday night meant we’d have Monday to chill at home. It also meant we’d be able to pick up Gracie and Phoebe. Labor Day being, you know, Labor Day the kennel would be closed so getting our fur babies early meant I wouldn’t have to wait until Tuesday. I hate them being boarded when we’re at the house. And you know I’m all about the fuzz therapy.

10.  So that leads us to now. T-man’s rejoicing in his Fortnite realm, Bear’s hanging with a friend, BrightSide’s kicked back with a book, and here I am on the couch. I’ve got newly painted toenails, a laptop perched on my knees, and two dogs curled up on the sofa. There’s snuffling, there’s snoring, there are paws sprinting in dreams and furry eyelids twitching. It’s been a pretty good Sunday night overall.