Whoop! Whoop! Still got the power, still get the chance to do Linda’s stream of consciousness post for the weekend. This falls under awesome possum category.

Onward and upward.

Hurricane Florence threw a wrench into everybody’s plans this week. Schools closed, offices closed, appointments and events got cancelled or postponed – flexibility was the name of the game if you didn’t want to burst a blood vessel. I’m a big fan of the Flexible.

I’m growing to be a fan of the Postponed, too. Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing delayed a bit.

Nextย week’s dental appointment. I get it. Responsible adulting involves dental checkups. Cleanings and x-rays and all that jazz. But putting it off for a week wouldn’t hurt anything, amiright?

One of the four obligations in a single day. You know how sometimes multiple stuff piles onto one day? It just sort of sneaks in there – a Monday that started off as just, you know, a Monday slowly gains one volleyball game, a rescheduled doctor’s appointment, a volleyball practice at the Y, and an evening meeting. Seriously? ALL the stuff? Just nope.

The onslaught of gray. I haven’t given up the fight because the sheer volume of gray bums me out but for real, people, it starts peeking through two weeks after I color it. You’re telling me we can’t postpone that arrival time a wee bit? Sheesh.

I’m sure there are more but we’re racing the clock. By the time you’re reading this we expect to be seriously wet so I’ll sign off with a waterlogged enjoy your Saturday, everyone. And if you’re in the Carolinas then stay safe.

Linda’s stream of consciousness is the Saturday fun around here. This week’s prompt is “post. Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix.”