1.  Schools were closed here on Friday and it turned out to be a very lurky sort of day. Write for a while, look out the window. Write for a while more, look out the front door. Gloomy skies, a bit of strong wind, but we were firmly planted in the waiting game. Knowing a mammoth storm hovered just offshore, waiting to drown us all, is an itchy place to be. Can’t say I particularly enjoyed it.

2.  Except for the Atypical marathon on Netflix that evening. Man, that was TOTALLY enjoyable.

3.  Saturday brought more – wait for it – gloomy skies. More wind gusts. And then the rain came for real. There was a whole lot of unapologetic couch surfing because what am I gonna do, launch that home improvement project I’ve been putting off for months during a hurricane tropical storm? I know some of you are the type of go getters who’d say What better time to clean out the office than when we’re stuck inside anyway?

4.  I am not that type of go getter. I’m more the Ima go get me some more potato chips kinda girl.

5.  Best quote from Saturday comes from T-man when he wandered out to forage for snacks:

Huh. It’s still raining.

5a.  Bwahahahahaha!!!

5b.  Yes, son, it’s still raining. You’re looking at a preview of the next four days or so. Get used to it.

6.  The birds must be hiding close by because during breaks from the rain they descend on the feeders in what some might consider alarming numbers. There’s a lot. Like, a lot a lot, but the birdseed’s holding up. Our hummingbird feeder’s empty again but refilling that involves balancing precariously on a stepladder so it might have to wait a bit or at least until rain isn’t pummeling me sideways. Safety first.

7.  On the upside, I haven’t had to fill the birds’ water bowl in days. Silver lining and all that jazz.

8.  One corner of the fenced in area is applying for pond status. It’s currently logged in at bird sized lap pool but is knocking on the door of small critter Mud Bowl. Did I mention it’s where Gracie likes to stand as she gazes majestically across the neighbor’s yard? Yeah. Good times.

9.  And just like that, our impressive “sure, we’re a little wet but it’s all good” thing literally flew out the window with Bear’s cry of Hey! What’s THAT?! Well, friend, that would be a puddle of water on the floor – follow the bouncing ball. Puddle on the floor…water drops on the blinds…soaking wet window on the other side…water dripping from the thingamajig holding the window in place. No bueno, man. No bueno.

10.  So here we go rolling into the week. We’re one bathroom down because I’m certain the second we drain that tub the power will go out, which means we’re folding T-man into the rotation throughout the house. Whatever, make it work. Grocery stores are catch as catch can. Whatever, make it work. The dogs alternate between freaking out, refusing to go outside, and crawling up inside the closest person for reassurance. But the refrain that gets us through – whatever, make it work.