Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt this week is flower/flour, two words that hold reciprocal meanings for me. Not in the dictionary, obviously, but personally.

Personally, I’ve got a lose/win situation with these two things.

If you wanted to draw a cartoon of me and flowers – I know, it’s weird, now I’m assuming you’re an artist, just go with it – you’d have two things in the frame. One: a collection of beautifully vibrant flowers (any kind, artist’s choice). Two: the grim reaper. Frame two would be the grim reaper sobbing why can’t I have nice things?? while holding a pot of extremely dead flowers.


I should note that there’s precisely one plant I’ve ever owned that I haven’t killed – the apparently indestructible gargantuan one BrightSide’s aunt gave us when we moved into this house oh, about nine years ago now. Poor climate placement, absent mindedness when it comes to watering, a friend knocking the thing to the floor…it’s survived all that with relatively few scars to show for it. It probably helps that I’ve tucked it away in the office so it’s not exposed to my death aura too often. Of course, now that I’ve bragged on it being the only plant I haven’t killed it’s probably only a matter of time…damn.

Full disclosure: it doesn’t have flowers on it. You know how stream of consciousness goes, though – flower, dirt, pot, plant – voila!

So while I greatly enjoy flowers in photos and real life I’ve accepted I’m not, ahem, flower raising compatible.

But flour? Flour’s my jam.

I am all about some baking. (Okay, maybe less now that I’ve gone gluten free but I’ve got a long track record to draw from.) Cakes, cookies, pastry, even a homemade pie crust once. Sure, it was just the one time, but it was a damn good pie. I make a mean pound cake from an old family recipe entrusted to me by BrightSide’s family – that one even requires that fancy Swans cake flour but it is mmmm, mmmm, delicious. So much of the deliciousness.

The only flour fail I can remember came from my one attempt at making homemade gravy. Sprinkle a little flour in there they said. Just whisk it up until the gravy thickens they said. LIARS.

So if flour’s a win…but flower’s a lose…maybe I could sprinkle some flour on my next gift of flowers and see if that helps?

Nah. I’ll just keep hoping people lean toward gift cards.


Hey guys, quick personal moment here. See that counter at the top of the page? The upper right. You can look, I’ll wait…..I’m ten followers away from hitting 2,000 which would be, like, the ballz. The bees knees. Awesome possum. Sundae-with-the-jimmies-on-top. It’s, you know, a goal.

So if you know someone who might enjoy the particular brand of crazy we serve up around here would you do me a solid and tell them they’ve gotta visit That it will change their life [all Geico disclaimers apply]. Many thanks, and happy weekend!!


Aaaaannnndddd…BrightSide just pointed out that the follower count ISN’T at the top of the page if you’re reading this on a phone. Whoops. You can fly on faith or scroll – I promise it’s in there somewhere! Bless it all.

Linda hosts our Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “flower/flour. Use one, use both, it’s totally up to you.”