1.  I did my straight up mama duty with torturing my daughter last week by – wait for it – following doctor’s orders. Shocking, I know. But the hard rule is if you moan and wail after a game and insist the next day you need to go to the doctor then go to said doctor, we are for real following those instructions. And if that means sitting out a week of volleyball while your rotator cuff heals then tough nookie, cookie. Let’s work on stretching out better before games.

2.  Have you ever had brownies double down on you? I pulled a pan out of the oven on Friday – I’d baked them thirty-two minutes, then another two, then two more on top of that. The toothpick test looked fine so out they came to sit on the stove while I started dinner. Fast forward an hour when I cut and put them on a plate only to find parts that look distinctly unfinished. Argh! Note to self: putting the pan back into the oven, even for twenty more minutes, does not seem to do a damn thing after it sits that long.

3.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

4.  I’m totally going with it’s the thought that counts.

5.  Which is why I took the mostly baked brownies along to visit our neighbor and her one month old daughter. Holy crap, babies are tiny at four weeks. Really tiny. Super cute. And so, so tiny.

6.  Since we’re not totally irresponsible we took along some fully cooked food, too. Sheesh, y’all, what do you take us for? Besides terrible brownie bakers apparently.

7.  We did a local Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday and I’ll just say this. You’d think 10:30am would be a fine start time for late September. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. Three blocks from the start line I was carrying five extra pounds in sweat. After you finish the two miles there’s this closing ceremony when they recognize people who raised the most money and pull tickets for door prizes. It was in an outdoor amphitheater. An outdoor amphitheater.

8.  I shouldn’t have even tried it really, but I can be stubborn. (Who, me?) It only took ten minutes in the full sun for me to realize I was 1000% done. BrightSide tagged in, I tagged out, and the car’s air conditioning saved me.

9.  After I stuck to the seat, of course.

10.  Then there was Sunday with an adorable baby at the service and the most fascinating guy who talked with us about Walking Tall Wilmington (which is a totally cool organization, you should check it out). And, perhaps most impressive of all, I actually fixed my hair. Clutch those pearls, y’all. I hadn’t looked presentable since a week before Florence hit so it was a banner day.