I’ve given up all pretense that today’s post will be about anything other than the Kavanaugh debacle. I had great plans for another Small Bites installment – you know, business as usual – but after an entire day breathing in the hearings (one that’s still going as I write this) my brain simply cannot switch gears.

So here, in no particular order, are my thoughts on what I’ve witnessed. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

1.  I cannot imagine anyone on the planet thinks there was a fair and impartial hearing held today.

2.  Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona, was brought in to ask Dr. Ford questions for the Republican senators. Optics, man. It’s a bitch when you have eleven Republican men faced with handling this grenade.

3.  There’s not one Republican woman you feel would add value to the Senate Judiciary Committee? Seriously? Just a thought, fellas.

4.  Dr. Ford displayed a superhuman strength of spirit and level of endurance. Get that woman a cape.

5.  Senator Grassley, OH MY GOD. So much talking.

6.  Christine Blasey Ford’s opening statement is brutal and should be required reading for anyone with a daughter.

7.  Anyone with a son should read it, too.

8.  Senator Booker (NJ) straight up made me cry. “Heroic” is a perfect description for someone willing to lay her entire life open for the nation to pick through.

9.  Damn, Grassley, do you really have to say “stop the clock” every single time Dr. Ford has to find documentation to answer a question from the prosecutor? She gets it wrong, you charge her with perjury. By hour three I’d be struggling to remember who I talked to during a nine day period in July, too.

10.  I’m furious that we cannot meet the bare minimum of looking into an allegation this serious. An FBI investigation and subpoenaing witnesses is not too much to ask.

11.  No, I don’t think submitting a signed letter carries the same weight as being sworn in and questioned. I don’t care that it’s a declaration under penalty of felony. Sit their asses in the chair.

12.  Who paid for the polygraph? Really?

13.  “I endured it. It was fine.” Yes. Because women. All this, all the time.

14.  Can someone explain to me again how Mark Judge can opt out of testifying? She puts him in the freaking room.

15.  Oh, so you want all the supporting documents the polygraph expert would have brought with him had he been allowed to testify? Yeah. Here’s the summary report.

16.  Then you’ve got Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement. It was…well, you kinda gotta see it to appreciate it.

17.  Boo effing hoo, you had to wait eleven whole days for the hearing. This isn’t the justice system. There is no right to a speedy trial. It is a job interview and those happen on their own timeline.

18.  Why are you yelling? Why are you yelling?!?

19.  Imagine if Dr. Ford had yelled at the committee. Impassioned? Or too emotional to be credible?

20.  After a morning of respectful answers to every single question posed I cannot take the hubris of this entitled schmuck. “Have you ever blacked out, Judge Kavanaugh?” “HAVE YOU?”

21.  What? Did he just throw her question back at her? That’s a yes or no question.

22.  Does he know how to answer yes or no? Sure he can, when a Republican senator lobs him a softball.

23.  Look, more yelling. From Lindsey Graham now. What a proud day this is for America.

24.  So apparently there’s never been a Republican woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not one. Ever.

25.  There’s never been a hearing with the word “beer” repeated this many times. It would be the perfect time to play quarters if it wasn’t so sad.

26.  “Do you swear to God?” “I swear to God.” Oh. Okay then.

27.  If I hear one more word about this calendar I will lose it.

28.  Are we really going to ignore the fact that two other women have gone on the record with separate accusations and there are two more anonymous reports?

29.  And now we’ve got a committee vote on Kavanaugh scheduled for Friday. The first floor vote will be held on Saturday. What does it take to stop this train?

30.  Not even stop. Delay. Just hit the pause button long enough to let the FBI investigate these accusations – ALL of them – before we put this man on the Supreme Court.