1.  I simply cannot put a single note in here about politics or the Senate or investigating nominees for the Supreme Court or not investigating nominees for the Supreme or partially investigating nominees for the Supreme Court. Nope. None of it.

2.  I knew I’d hit the wall on Friday afternoon. I was supposed to be taking the dogs to the kennel but instead camped on the kitchen floor, loving on Gracie and praying feverishly that all the last minute hullabaloo in the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting meant maybe, just maybe, someone was considering a shift. It threw me off my game and messed with my packing, too. I even forgot to schedule my post to publish yesterday. Bad mojo, man.

3.  We were heading to the Outer Banks to visit BrightSide’s cousin. You know those weekend getaways that you don’t know you really need until you’re on them? This was that.

4.  There was water. So much water. They live on the sound so when you look out their back windows all you see is water. Well, dock and birds and water and the very occasional boat. So much of the peaceful happiness back there.

5.  The kids spent the night on the dock. If you’d asked I would have broken my no gambling rule to bet they’d be back inside sometime during the night, and I would have lost that bet. They slept out there on the water. In the dark. All Night Long. Sure didn’t see that one coming.

6.  But on Saturday afternoon I meandered out there to kick back with some folks and let me tell you…there are few things quite as relaxing as stretching out in mostly-shade, not-too-hot sun. Eyes closed, water lapping against the dock/shoreline – that was a killer nap!

7.  Oh, and did I mention the dogs? They have two black labs and they’re precious all on their own, but here’s the kicker: they’re littermates. Sisters. If you ever wondered if dogs bond with their siblings I can answer that with an unequivocal yes.

8.  And they’re the most well behaved dogs ever! Granted, Gracie doesn’t set the bar very high, but these sweet things just want to play and nap and snuggle up for loving. Being near the water took my blood pressure down most of the way; loving on those dogs handled the rest. So sweet!

9.  I wish I could find a way to describe their life. a) It’s folly considering we only experienced 40 hours of it, and b) it’s more a feeling than a structure. Everything just seems…simpler. There’s lots of fresh air and exercise, and the pace is more like a relaxed lope across the floor.

10.  And to wrap up, here are some positively wonderful things I learned/saw this weekend:

  • Seagulls always stand facing into the wind. Always.
  • There actually are dogs who will leap off the end of a dock and paddle around in the water.
  • In some spots the sound is only a few feet deep. There is nothing as bizarre as looking at a giant expanse of water, one that resembles an enormous lake, only to watch your husband walk through it to the boat.
  • Tuna poke is delicious.
  • Japanese rice cooked in a rice maker is also delicious.
  • Wine sipped on a patio while watching a brilliant sunset is a glorious gift.
  • Kids who run hard in the sun all day long sleep really well.
  • So do adults.